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Who We Are

Matt Crandall - Founder & Chief Consultant

After graduation from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) with a degree in Applied Physics, Mr Crandall was employed at two defense contractors over the next 11 years where he worked on a number of projects as a research scientist and software project manager, creating custom data analysis and rendering software on such topics as Fourier jitter reduction, neural net modeling, geomagnetic noise modeling, satellite scheduling, and simulator trainers.

After leaving the defense industry, he joined eMotion, Inc. in 2001 as the senior engineer in charge of the various components of the application. In 2003 he became Director of Platform Research & Development and took over all engineering and product management responsibilities for what would become known as Media Management On Demand (MMOD). During his tenure he converted the licensed application to true SaaS application and separated the legacy monolithic application into a SOA implementation including a separate high speed transformation rendering service. eMotion/MMOD became one of the first (if not the first) SaaS DAM vendors on the market. He maintained this position through two acquisitions until his departure from OpenText in 2015.

What We Offer

We offer a variety of services to both consumers and vendors. To DAM consumers we offer consultation on requirements analysis, metadata strategies, custom development bounding, vendor selection criteria analysis, and end-to-end implementation project management.

To vendors we offer consultation on DAM principles, feature functionality, API development, UX, Scrum & Agile software development, SaaS & cloud migration strategies, software project management, and a variety of other topics relevant to DAM and software development.

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